Conversations Continue To Be Held Regarding the 2020 Fall Sports Season

This article was published on: 08/21/20 3:57 PM by Mike Minarsky

The CIAC would like schools to resume non contact conditioning workouts which has been in place since July 6th. They would like to start them as soon as Monday, August 24. Here is the timeline of meetings and communications. *The CIAC Board of Control will meet again at 7:00PM Sunday. *The CIAC Board of Control will submit modified fall sport plan options to the DPH for consideration, which it has indicated it would welcome for review. *The CIAC will delay the first date for all fall sports to Saturday, August 29, 2020. With this plan, the Department of Health will have adequate time to consider the CIAC’s REVISED fall sports plans, which will come sometime early next week. The season is still not cancelled. They, Schools and Administrations, AD’s, the DOH, and the CIAC are continuing conversations and discussions which up to now has been inconsistent.

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