Connecticut State Troopers Affected by Malloy’s Budget Cuts

This article was published on: 05/17/17 12:16 AM by Mike Minarsky

Today, Tuesday May 16th, the State Police Union met with its membership. The union president has said that two sergeants and five troopers will be laid off, and those individuals are now aware of their situation. Not long after, four lieutenants were told they were also being laid off, for a total of eleven State Police officials. Capt. Michael Thomas said, “It’s a sad day in the history of state police, we do not advocate any layoffs for any members of the agency no matter if it’s for our rank, trooper ranks, or civilian ranks.” Capt. Thomas (the union president of State Police captains and lieutenants) stated also that there has never been a commander with a rank of lieutenant or higher who has been laid off. The officials who were laid off had career lengths of 12 to 18 years… and were given four weeks’ notice of this layoff. When this layoff was first being spoken about, just five officers were thought to have been on the proverbial chopping block. The upcoming class of 79 cadets will have zero jobs in the police force to apply for, unless the 169 troopers eligible for retirement now, and the 70 who could retire come January, do so. This layoff to the force will be the first since 2011. The entire proposed budge can be looked at here:

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