Clearing The Snow Safely

This article was published on: 01/21/16 10:26 PM by Curt

With the threat of snow this weekend, the proper care must be taken when shoveling and snow blowing to avoid back and other injuries. Shoveling snow is an extremely physical activity which puts a lot of stress on your body. A great deal of the snow related injuries are not directly related to shoveling. A lot of injuries occur from slips and falls on the front steps of your home, the sidewalks and your driveway. These slips and falls can result in broken arms, legs and hips, not counting the head injuries which occur when your head hits the pavement or the snow. Shoveling puts a lot of stress on your heart which can result in chest pains and even signs of a heart attack. When shoveling, bend down and pick up the snow. Don’t do it all from an upright position as that puts pressure on your back. If using a snow blower which becomes stuck from the snow being cleared, NEVER stick your hands into your blower to try to clear the snow until you have shut down the unit completely. Even after the unit has been shut down, use a broom handle to clear the snow buildup as there may still be torque on the blades even with power shut off.

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