This article was published on: 03/16/16 2:34 PM by Mike Minarsky

Reppaul brycki. Paul Brycki (D-Griswold) is pleased to report that the Public Safety and Security Committee has voted in favor of SB 388 An Act Concerning the Department of Administrative Services’ Recommendations Regarding the Adoption of the State Building and Fire Codes. The legislation now goes to the floor of the House.

The bill places the responsibility of updating codes for building, fire prevention, and fire safety with the Codes and Standards Committee. At a March 8th public hearing Rep. Brycki introduced two officials who testified in favor of the legislation that allows for quicker adoption of codes brought about by technological advances.

Windham building official Peter Zvingilas told the committee that “this bill will help accelerate our states adoption of building code cycles. Our code adoption process as it stands is in need of modifying.” Joseph Summers, Hebron building official and zoning enforcement officer added that “not staying more up-to-date in the adoption of a state building code greatly affects a municipalities” insurance rates.

Rep. Brycki says, “I believe passage of this legislation will help Connecticut in terms of public safety and to make sure we can efficiently adopt the latest codes to match what our technical schools and certification programs are teaching in the classroom.”

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