Budget Vote To Be Delayed In Griswold

This article was published on: 04/26/16 10:36 PM by Mike Minarsky

griswold sealThere is a lot of uncertainty right now over the Town and Education budget here in Griswold, especially after the latest turn of events in the state’s capitol and Gov. Malloy’s newly proposed budget.  Malloy’s budget would shortchange Griswold this year in revenue by (worst case scenario) $728,576.  This includes monies from sales tax revenue as well as funding that comes to the town for schools.

Last night at the Board of Finance meeting that was held at the Griswold Senior Center the board tangled with the idea of holding the town vote as scheduled on May 2 of this year or delaying it since the official figures from the state are unknown at this time and could possibly be available by May 4.  Board of Finance Chairman, Scott Davis asked each member of the board their thoughts on whether or not the date should be moved or left according to town statute.  According to the town’s attorney, there is some flexibility on the date with no repercussions since she stated that the statute could either be mandatory or directory in verbiage.

The Vote was 3-3 for whether or not to move the vote or leave it.  If it is moved, Griswold may be the first town to do so in the state.  Davis noted that he thought that the vote should go on as scheduled, however after more discussion from Board members, the date will be moved at this time to gather more solid numbers from the State.

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