Brush Fire at Local Farm Stand Contained Quickly

This article was published on: 08/6/20 10:15 PM by Mike Minarsky

There was a small brush fire near Campbell’s Farm Stand on Thursday, August 6th.  According to an official with the Griswold Fire Department, it was said to be clippings towards the road that started blazing and was contained quickly.  No real damage or injuries were reported.   The official states that they aren’t even sure how it started.  The small fire covered approximately a 15X50 foot area.

According to the owner of Campbell’s Farm Stand, Rich Campbell Jr., he stated “Not really sure what it was. It wasn’t on our property, on the neighbors property along the road. Didn’t seem to do any damage besides burn some grass.  With how dry everything is, it could’ve gotten out of control pretty easily.  Lucked out.”

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