***BREAKING*** Jewett City Residents Vote To Keep 2 Resident State Troopers In Town

This article was published on: 05/17/16 12:22 AM by Mike Minarsky

JEWETT CITY SEALTonight at the Borough of Jewett City meeting at town hall, on the agenda was to vote whether or not to continue with 2 resident state troopers or to drop down to just one.  The problem was the money that the borough would no longer be getting for the program.  Up until now, the borough paid for 70% of the cost where the state pitched in 30%.  The state going forward will only give 15% to the borough going forward where the town has to make up the difference to keep both troopers which would be 85% of the cost or an additional $55,000.

The current borough mil rate is 3.99 and would be elevated to 4,29 if residents vote to keep the program as is.  If not, and only go with one resident trooper, the mill rate would drop to 2.54.  22 Borough residents came to town hall tonight to cast their vote.  The vote was 14-8 in favor of keeping both resident state troopers here in Jewett City

There is live video on the Wolverine Radio facebook group of the meeting and you can CLICK HERE to view it.

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