Board of Warden and Burgess’s of Jewett City turn down idea proposed by Griswold Board of Selectmen

This article was published on: 08/31/16 3:19 PM by Mike Minarsky



The Board of Warden and Burgess’s of Jewett City have turned down an idea proposed by the Griswold Board of Selectmen to consolidate services for the borough and the town. After consolidating tax collection for Jewett City and Griswold, the selectmen wanted to consolidate other services such as the Resident State Trooper program in the borough. Borough Burgess Tim Sharkey believes the plan is flawed in its complications and it’s drawbacks. One issue would be the handling of the Jewett City Department of Public Utilities. For consolidation to work, the town would need to purchase the company, which would call for years of negotiations and lawyer fees. On top of that, the rates would likely increase.

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