Board of Warden and Burgesses Discuss Public Drinking

This article was published on: 01/17/18 10:49 PM by Mike Minarsky


On January 2nd, 2018, The Board of Burgesses held their monthly meeting. When Old Business came up on the agenda, it was revealed that the Board had received a letter from the Borough insurer stating that the insurer would defend the Borough if a 3rd party filed a lawsuit. This has become a matter of concern in both the Borough of Jewett City and Town of Griswold, after privately run events last year found that some people had walked the streets with open containers of alcohol. Burgess Timothy Sharkey stated that a town ordinance prohibits open containers of alcohol  within the city limits of borough streets. Sharkey has questions and would like some answers as to whom would be held responsible if someone gets hurt at one of these events.  Sharkey is not completely against restaurants and pubs in the Burough serving alcohol to their customers in an outdoor seating area on their premises.  His concern stems from the fact that, according to Burgess Sharkey, the Burough has no say in the matter and the Board of Warden and Burgesses needs to be exempt from liability in such situations.  Burgess Sharkey told Wolverine Radio that there “should be a collaboration between both the town and borough and private businesses that serve alcohol within the city limits”, adding that both should “sign off” before allowing businesses to serve alcohol outside of their premises during events. If the events take place in the Borough, Sharkey said, “the Borough should be exempt form a lawsuit, and if not we should have a say” as to whether events will allow open containers of alcohol to be served.

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