Board of Selectman and Board of Finance Meetings Still On For Tuesday, April 14th, Virtually

This article was published on: 04/14/20 10:37 AM by Mike Minarsky

There are 2 meetings that are going to happen tonight, and they aren’t going to be at town hall on Main St.  Matter of Fact, they aren’t going to be anywhere in particular.  The meetings are going to be held online as town officials continue to follow the rules of social distancing and able to hold meetings to move town business forward.  Residents are able to attend these meetings from any device they have from the comfort of their own homes.  If there was ever a time to get involved in town doings, this is it.  Are you need is a device.  It’s the easiest way yet to get involved and stay informed on what is happening with your tax dollars, and you can do it all from your couch, porch or even sitting in your car (of course the car is parked, right?)

These meetings are essential to the budget process this year since there is not going to be a town referendum for residents to vote on either of the budgets.  An executive decision has been made by the state that individual town governments can craft and pass their own budgets due to the pandemic.  After the Board of Finance makes the cuts they choose to make to both budgets, they will be placed online for 2 weeks to be viewed by Griswold residents.  There will be an email address available for residents to ask questions about the budgets, since there will be no town meeting.  After the 2 week period, the Board of Finance will present the budget to the Board of Selectmen for final approval and to adopt the budget.

If you are using a Google or Apple device, download the ZOOM app.  It’s free to use.  If you are using a PC, go to and click on “join a meeting” on the top tool bar.  At that point you will be prompted to enter a meeting ID.  After you enter the ID, a new box will pop up asking for your PASSWORD.  That’s it.  Below are the passwords and Meeting ID’s you will need for the virtual meetings.


Griswold Board of Selectmen – 6 PM

Meeting ID – 728 1337 1746

Password – 7 J Y s c K


Griswold Board of Finance – 7 PM

Meeting ID – 891 217 852

Password – 3 D M o E 8


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