Big Brother is Watching Danielson

This article was published on: 07/13/16 9:28 PM by Curt

Emergency firefighting cover - Operation Fresco

The Killingly Town Council approved the placement of five new surveillance cameras in Danielson, to be added in the next couple of months, in an attempt to curb potential crime in the area. Two of the new cameras will be placed on the town hall building and the remaining three in the areas of the town-owned former armory property. There have been some issues of vandalism in the camera placement areas that officials are hoping to combat. Two months ago vandals damaged a stained-glass mosaic art piece on Main Street.

The five new cameras are in addition to the existing ones already in place, which cover approximately 90 percent of municipal buildings, the library, transfer station and the community center. The cost of the new cameras is approximately $2,000, which is available in the town’s IT account.

Digital images from the cameras will be retained for 30 days, at which time the existing data will be overwritten a day at a time, maintaining a 30 day record.

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