Infants And COVID-19? BEWARE Of Fake News!

This article was published on: 04/10/20 11:56 PM by Mike Minarsky

There are a ton news services that area available to you to read content. All with headlines to make you want to hurry up and click that story to read. Think about it, how many of you are receiving text messages and facebook instant messages from people sharing videos about Coronavirus, the effects, the hardships that it’s causing people, and mostly… scare tactics. Yes, scare tactics. Some “news” sites want to scare you to the point that if you DON’T click and share the story, you are doing something to possibly cause the finishing touches on mankind itself.

I just came across a headline from my Newsbreak app, which I am about to dump because of the headlines they are distributing out on their feed. Do you know what the criteria even is to get stories pushed out on “News Break?” Not a whole lot, anyone can check it out.

I clicked on a headline from a website called Although the website gets a good review from many different reporting and measuring sites that fact check (such as the headline was the only reason I clicked on it, “6 New Coronaviruses Discovered in Bats.” Was it factual? Yes. Was the headline a little deceiving? I think so since as soon as you start reading, it states of the new viruses “aren’t related closely genetically” that would cause severe infection in humans. Although the article was factual, the headline got me to do exactly what they wanted me to do. Click on a story that the page was heavily ridden with advertisements.

Another article states that an “Illinois Reports Death of Infant with Coronavirus” however, there is an “investigation” as to find out what the cause of death actually is. The title heavily implies that this child died due to Coronavirus, or related to, yet they are still fact checking the story but printed with that headline because why, it makes good news? Maybe it’s because it brings traffic to the site? Guess what. #Fakenews. It was implied that the cause of death was COVID-19 yet they still didn’t have a clue as to how the baby died. That’s like me posting a story saying there was a large fire in town, yet you read on down the article and it was nothing more than a few families getting together on private property roasting weenies! (I have to thank my friend Amie for that line) But, the headline would lead you to believe that someone lost a home or something entirely worse. Here’s the link, read it for yourself.

On April 6th, picked up a story from WAFB in Baton Rouge that a one day old infant died, FROM CORONAVIRUS. Here’s an excerpt from the article. “Coroner Dr. Beau Clark says 49 people, including a 1-day-old infant, have died from coronavirus in East Baton Rouge Parish, as of Friday, April 10. The coroner’s office tracks the number of people who die in the parish, even if they aren’t residents of the parish.” It gets better! Another article from covered the same story and the SAME coroner, Beau Clark, was quoted in saying completely different. “She went into preterm labor and ultimately delivered the baby prematurely,” Clark said. “The baby, because of the extreme prematurity, did not survive.” They also stated in the article that the baby’s test results are still PENDING. Not to mention that the baby was born at 22 WEEKS! A baby born any less than a 24 week gestation period has LESS than a 50% chance of surviving. That’s according to the University of Utah’s official web site.

Check it out, again, for yourself…

Then there’s the case right here in Connecticut where Gov. Ned Lamont put out on his official twitter account that an infant has died of Coronavirus. The statement reads “We have a tragic milestone in Connecticut, probably the youngest person ever to die of COVID has died here in Connecticut,” Gov. Ned Lamont said during a news briefing on Wednesday.” What came out was the infant was accidentally suffocated by a caretaker after a “terrible accident.” They tested the child post mortem, and came back positive. This means apparently the child died FROM COVID-19? Candace Owens, look her up.

What’s going on here? Is it that when everyone passes away these days, it’s COVID-19? What about heart attacks? Anyone die from those anymore or did someone have a heart issue brought on by COVID-19? What about an Alzheimer’s patient? If they literally forget how to breathe and pass away, did they pass from respiratory issues from the effects of the virus? I think the effects of the show “Tiger King” is directly killing more people. Wait, they are just killing people’s will to watch that show… although I thought it was quite entertaining. So is fake news. It’s entertaining, but be careful what you read and just because it’s on the internet or Facebook, doesn’t always make it true… and STOP SENDING THOSE STUPID VIDEOS IN FACEBOOK MESSENGER! It’s completely annoying!

Rick Grimes from the “Walking Dead” may have said it best. “We’re all infected.” We don’t know how many people are/aren’t infected with this virus. We don’t. Consult with a medical professional on how to remain healthy during the pandemic or any other part of your life. Don’t get it from a Facebook post or fake news post because it tugs at our emotions and heart strings. Plus, Carole Baskin probably did it.

Now, go wash your hands.

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