Arrests Made in Jewett City Copper Theft From Wyre Wynd

This article was published on: 03/21/18 5:19 AM by Mike Minarsky

On Saturday 03/10/18, the Jewett City Resident Trooper’s Office began an investigation into break-in’s at the unoccupied Wyre Wynd factory located at 77 Anthony St. The factory was recently purchased and the new owners, 77 Anthony Street LLC, are moving equipment in the plant during the daytime hours to build wind turbines at the plant. It was reported by the property owner/manager that one of the doors to the building was forced open, but at the time it was unknown if anything was stolen. Furthermore, it was also discovered that a lock and chain was missing from one of the property gates at the end of Anthony Street. The property owner informed the Jewett City Resident Trooper that the lock and chain were cut and the door jimmied open initially in the beginning of March, but were replaced/repaired before the second incident that the Jewett City Resident Trooper responded to on 03/10/2018.

On Sunday 03/18/18, the Jewett City Resident Trooper was notified of another break-in at the factory located at 77 Anthony Street. The complainant explained, among other things, that he has crew members who were hired to clean out and prepare the building for production and discovered debris on the floors, a forklift cage moved from where it was left the previous day, portable lighting moved into different positions and a Forklift parked in a different location. The Jewett City Resident Trooper notified the Troop E duty supervisor and requested Detectives from the Eastern District Major Crime Unit out of Troop-E to assist with processing the scene.

Upon further investigation it was determined that over 6,500 feet of 1 inch 60 strand copper cable was cut from several areas of the building. The approximate weight of the cable would be about 20,000 lbs. with a scrap value for the copper to be greater than $48,000. Damage to the building is estimated to be in excess of $30,000 and the estimate to replace this stolen cable with new cable would amount to approximately $180,000 including material costs, equipment and labor.

Detectives contacted this trooper this morning on 03/20/2018 to notify the Jewett City Resident Trooper of an anonymous tip. This trooper and members of the Norwich Police Department headed to a residence in Norwich. Upon arrival this trooper observed two (2) white males in the driveway using power tools cutting up copper wire cable that was the same type and size wire stolen from the Wyre Wynd factory. Also, in plain view, were approximately two 40 foot strands of stripped copper wire in the driveway. This cable was identified as the same type cable stolen from the Jewett City incident at the former Wyre Wynd factory. A third person was later located inside the apartment.

Detectives from Troop E Major Crime Unit arrived on the scene with a signed search warrant. Upon executing the search warrant a total of fifty one lengths of 1”, 60 strand copper wire was located totaling approximately 2,000 feet of wire. I spoke with the property owner who estimated that replacement wire costs are approximately $10-$12 dollars per foot placing the value of this copper wire at $20,000-$24,000. Based on the current value of bare copper, metal recycling companies are paying between $3.00 to $4.00 per pound, and this wire is estimated to have a total weight of approximately 3,600 pounds. The current scrap recycling price of the copper located at the residence is estimated to have scrap value at approximately $10,800-$14,500.

On 03/20/2018 the accused persons were arrested and processed at Troop E and the bond set at $25,000.00 cash/surety each. The accused persons are scheduled to appear at Norwich Superior Court on Wednesday, 03/21/2018 at 0930 hours for 1st degree Larceny.

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