…And The New Borough of Jewett City Warden is???

This article was published on: 05/2/17 1:23 AM by Mike Minarsky

May 1st is always election day in the Borough of Jewett City and this year a new Warden will be elected. John Connelly, the current Warden, did not run stating that he was finally retiring.

This year brought a previous Warden in Democratic candidate Alan Geer and first time running, current borough Burgess Tim Sharkey who has served on the board for over a decade.  There were 180 votes out of over 1700 registered voters in the Borough.  There were also 5 absentee ballots cast.  There were only 87 ballots cast in the previous Warden election 2 years ago.

The results?


Al Geer 93

Tim Sharkey 87



Laurie Sorder 106

Tim Sharkey 99

James Krueger 91

Catherine Briody 84

Laura Laidley 100



Valerie Pudvah won uncontested for Clerk

Linda Cote won uncontested for Treasurer

Catherine Briody won uncontested for Bailiff




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