….And The Hamburger that Was On Facebook Came From……..

This article was published on: 09/30/19 8:37 PM by Mike Minarsky

On Friday, we posted a picture of a delicious Double Hamburger with Lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, sauce, on a toasted bun.  It was one of the tastiest burgers I had ever eaten.  So, we thought that we would run a little contest to see if you could guess what establishment it was served from.  I can’t even believe it, not one person guessed correctly out of 57 total guesses.  That’s ok though, I almost expected that.

This restaurant has a very nice, quaint dining area in the back of their place that is quiet, comfortable, and secluded from the rest of the place.  There is even an entrance in the back for those of you that didn’t want to enter through the front.  I honestly thought that there would have been someone that picked up the hand cut fries on the plate.  I have gone there just for the fries, but no one got it.


SO now it’s time to reveal where it came from….


Any idea?


Keep scrolling…..


You’ll get to it….



a little further….


You’ve come this far…


I know, I know…


You just want to know…


Ok..  Here’s one more look at it…





This burger is known as the “Kranky Burger” and can only be found at….

Uncle Kranky’s, Main St, Jewett City!

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