After Accident Less Than 24 Hours Ago, Island Packy is Open For Business

This article was published on: 06/30/17 11:07 PM by Mike Minarsky

I saw something incredible over the last couple of days.  On Thursday, I received a tip that there was some sort of accident at Island Packy and that I should take a ride over.  I did and I didn’t know exactly what to expect.  What I saw when I got there was a huge hole in the building, all the way to the right if you are looking at the front door.  It looked pretty bad, but I have to admit that I had seen worse.

It had been brought to my attention that the owner of Island Packy, Chuck Wood and one of his employees were taken to a local hospital due to the injuries that they sustained when the Mercury Monterey mini wan with Arizona plates came crashing through the wall.  I asked Chuck’s son how his Dad was, and he said “Well, he’s talking, that’s a good sign.”  It certainly was a good sign considering…..

Archie Drobiak was already there from the Byrnes Agency, who happens to be the agency for Island Packy.  I told my daughter today (who works for Archie at Byrnes) that I was so impressed on the level of service given and that it wasn’t managed from a desk.  Archie immediately started to make things happen.  Long story short, Island Packy is ALREADY open due to the fast work of the contractors that were employed to do the job, and if I knew who they were, I would mention them here to because they worked like Ninjas apparently.

Now getting back to where I left off with “It certainly was a good sign considering….” Chuck Wood is lucky to be alive today.  I stopped in Island Packy today to get some stuff for the weekend, but I wanted to see the building inside and check get an update on Chuck due to yesterday’s story getting so much response.  He’s in his story.  He’s working and filling shelves and coolers like he hasn’t missed a beat but has to be INCREDIBLY sore, especially after what I saw.

I was going to leave because I didn’t want to bombard him with questions, that’s for another day.  Chuck asked me to hold on for a minute, while he talked to one of his delivery drivers.  When he came back, he took out his phone, brought up a video, put the phone in front of me, hit play, and said nothing.  I watched the surveillance video from the inside of Island Packy just before to after the point of impact.  It was hard to watch.  It was very hard to watch.  The person driving the van had to have hit the gas in reverse VERY hard because when he came through, bottles were thrown everywhere, crashing down, along with shelves and parts of the building.  All falling on Chuck Wood and throwing him forward.  All he said to me when the video concluded was, “Mike, I’m lucky to be alive.”  I was still in shock over the video, there was nothing to say.  I shook his hand, and what I really wanted to do was give him a big hug, because that’s what I do!  I don’t know if he’s a hugger, and he’s had enough trauma.

The simple fact that Island Packy is open after 24 hours is incredible.  Incredible people all working together to get the job done.  So don’t worry, Griswoldians, your 4th of July beverage spot known as Island Packy is open for business and ready to serve you.  It’s true, Chuck’s certainly lucky he didn’t get hurt worse that he did after getting hit with a virtual tidal wave of glass and fixtures.

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