Accidents Starting to Pile Up on Connecticut Roadways Due to Storm

This article was published on: 01/4/18 6:23 PM by Mike Minarsky

As you can imagine, the roads are quite dangerous to be on today, January 4, 2018 as we see the snow pounding down on eastern Connecticut.  With the roads being as treacherous as they are, it still has not deterred some from venturing out in this mess.  Some people, have to for work reasons or even possible emergencies.

State Police keep statistics with what calls for service they receive whether it is a holiday weekend or simply a nasty storm.  Here are road stats up until 11:30 this morning.  They are as follows:




Calls for Service: 437

Accidents No injuries: 34

Accidents with Injuries: 2

Fatalities: 0

DUI: 0

Motorist Assists: 139

Please remain safe on the roads and remember that Norwich, Griswold, and Plainfield all have parking bans in effect.


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