Wolverine Radio started quietly streaming online in late October of 2014 playing 80’s hits and One Hit Wonders. We then launched an FCC Certified PART 15 transmitter in Jewett City on the frequency of 1690. Since then, we have installed 2 additional transmitters throughout town to increase the on air signal.

Being low power AM Radio, there are of course challenges. Wolverine Radio looked for other options of delivery. People were listening on air, but have moved to streaming at www.mygriswold.com. Although that was a great way to deliver programming with great sound, it still wasn’t enough. At that point we went into development of an application for mobile devices.

In August of 2015, Wolverine Radio launched it’s first APP available for iPhone and Android devices. That alone has grown our audience by 20X and it can be measured since stats are available regarding streaming times and amount of sessions, which is how many people are tuning in. Not to mention that when we gave prizes away, our phones would blow up!

It’s an interesting journey! Starting out as a hobby to a point where there are 12-15 at any given time contributing on a daily basis to Wolverine Radio. We’ve also moved the station from a residential location (yes, it was started on a dining room table of all things) to where we are today delivering local news, sports, weather, and GRISWOLD WOLVERINE SPORTS from our new home, the Jewett City Savings Bank Studios on Main St!

Thanks for listening and being part of the very first Radio Station in Griswold!! Wolverine Radio, The Station with BITE!

Wolverine Radio/MyGriswold.com Owner/Operator 860-710-8119