A Small Guide to Parking Bans in Eastern Connecticut

This article was published on: 03/9/19 9:29 PM by Mike Minarsky

There has been some clamoring lately on social media during the last snow storm regarding parking bans in Jewett City and surrounding towns. Mostly the enforcement of the parking bans. The bans are also different from town to town as well. Plainfield issues a parking ban and is only in effect after 1 inch of snow has fallen and lasts until the roadways are clear. There is no hard start or stop time on parking bans in Plainfield. Norwich Bans gives you the time they start but is a little vague when they are over. All towns will tow your car, and Norwich also adds on an additional $25.00 fee as well as the towing charge. In Jewett city, First Selectman Todd Babbitt does list a beginning and an end time. This past storm, there was enforcement in Jewett City, where 5 cars were towed as a result of parking on the streets. Remember, during parking bans in JC, you can park in the little league parking area as well as the Griswold Youth Center on Ashland St

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