A Better Alternative Than Rice for Your Cell Phone

This article was published on: 07/4/16 9:58 PM by Curt

phone-rice-partburied Persian Cat sniffing litter box If you’ve dropped your cell phone in the toilet, left it in your pants in the washing machine, or taken it for a swim, your first idea is probably to stick your phone in a big bowl of rice overnight.

Just placing your phone in rice might not be the best plan. If you do place it in rice, make sure your phone and rice are in a sealed ziplock bag together. It will work, but can take days and days to dry itself out.

A much better and actually more effective alternative is cat litter. Shake all of the water out of the phone first then air-dry, then place your phone in a bag of crystal kitty litter for as long as possible, it can take days for the trick to work.

If your phone isn’t working after 48 hours of sitting pretty in kitty litter, it might be a lost cause.

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