Chances are, Griswold Won’t Hang the Flag Upside Down in Protest of the State Budget

This article was published on: 08/22/17 8:10 PM by Mike Minarsky

If you think that Griswold and Plainfield are fed up with the state of the state, don’t worry, we aren’t alone. As reported in the Westerly Sun on August 19th, there is a story showing the State of Connecticut Flag being hung upside down outside the North Stonington Town Hall and is done so by under the order of First Selectman Shawn Murphy stating this is in protest of the state General Assembly’s cavalier attitude and inability to pass a budget,” in a statement made last Friday.

Wolverine Radio asked Kevin Skulczyck if this was something that he would do here in Griswold in protest of the state budget situation. Skulczyck responded in a text message stating “I understand what First Selectman (Murphy is doing) and support his right to do that. Over the next several days I’ll be communicating with not only Griswold, but with all the leadership of the five communities I represent as a state representative. Then and only then will we plot our course of action.” Skulczyck ended his quote by saying “Moral stances are great, but I’m looking for more of a real result.”

If you would like to read the article in the Westerly Sun that has been quoted here, please click the link below.

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