Wauregan Woman Hiding in Backseat of Car Busted for Drugs

This article was published on: 04/10/17 1:26 PM by Mike Minarsky

Yesterday at approximately 11:58pm, an Officer of the Plainfield Police Department was traveling on Norwich Road, when he observed a male running towards the road. The Officer turned on his spotlight and observed the male waving his hands at the cruiser. The Officer stopped and made contact with the male who was identified as 41 year old Neftali Mendez of Wauregan. Mendez said that he thought the vehicle that was approaching him was a friend that was bringing him gas for his vehicle in which he was willing to show officers which was parked behind Little Vinny’s Pizzaria The Officer asked Mendez if there was anyone else with him in the vehicle and he said no. While the Officer was walking around the red 2001 Town & Country minivan, he shined his flashlight inside and observed what appeared to be a person on the floor rolled in a blanket. The Officer immediately detained Mendez and asked him who else was in the vehicle. Mendez said that the person was a female who was identified as Shanda Malcein (Age 40) of Wauregan. Malcein was ordered out of the vehicle and said that she was hiding because she was not supposed to be with Mendez. A search of the vehicle was conducted and Officers found 2 plastic baggies containing Crack Cocaine, in the area where Malcein was lying down. Malcein said that the Crack Cocaine belonged to her and she was placed under arrest. Malcein was also concealing drug paraphernalia in her pockets. Malcein is schedule to appear at the Danielson Superior Court on April 24, 2017.

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