Danielson Man Already Jailed for Risk of Injury to a Minor Receives Child Porn Charges As Well

This article was published on: 02/7/17 5:25 PM by Mike Minarsky

James Emory (1)

In an update to the child abuse and neglect case in Danielson where the accused Nicolas Emory and one Donna Rodeheffer were charged with risk of injury to minors. The three reported children had been missing many teeth, malnourished, dehydrated, never enrolled in school, unable to speak, and still in diapers despite being ages 3, 5, and 6. In conjunction with this story comes additional disturbing information from Troop D Danielson in the form of arrest warrants for Nicholas Emory as well as his brothers that live in the residence, James and Jason. In a lengthy investigation dating back to May of 2016, Trooper David Aresco who is assigned to the Computer Crimes division and Internet Crimes such as child pornography received information. This also includes downloads on such Peer to Peer networks using BitTorent or uTorent programs. It’s a growing trend on the internet that enables users to download many different file types and in this case the suspicion was child pornography. Using these networks, users can simply put in search criteria much like a typical Google search and have results list which are usually videos that can be downloaded into ones computer. On May 2, 2016, a suspected file was being downloaded into a computer with an IP (Internet Protocol) address which is the physical internet address that helps validate location. The downloading IP address was noted to be in the Willimantic area based on geographic mapping. In the case of peer to peer networks, they are just regular users like anyone else exchanging files directly from PC to PC. Trooper Aresco attempted to download the file from the suspect computer after accessing the BitTorrent Network. Although the Trooper was only able to download a portion of the video from the suspect computer, he was able to view the video file and found it to contain suspected child pornography. Trooper Aresco also mentions in the warrant that the complete video was approximately 48 minutes and 58 seconds in its entirety. Trooper Aresco also states in his warrant that through his training and experience he knew that the entire video in question was downloaded into the suspect computer. Connecticut State Police maintains a library of interest for investigative purposes and Trooper Aresco was able to observe additional footage of the download which also was helpful in identifying a child from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as a known victim. Additional investigation through Frontier Communications of the IP address was assigned to Donna Rodeheffer of 39 Broad St, Danielson. Residing in the home with Rodeheffer, who herself was charged with risk of injury to a minor and cruelty on New year’s day 2017. She is currently out on bond, is her husband Nicolas and his brothers Jason and James. Trooper Aresco obtained a search warrant for 39 Broad St Danielson and after securing the property, he invited Nicolas Emory to speak with him. Through conversation with the Trooper, Nicolas Emory stated to him that he did download child pornography and he was also the person that he needed to speak with. Nicolas then consented to an interview inside the Trooper’s unmarked car according to the arrest warrant. Once the interview started, Nicolas stated that he was worried about his own children and didn’t want anything to happen to them although he understand DCF was going to be involved in this case as well. Nicolas Emory also retracted his statements about downloading child porn but had used the uTorrent program but not for child pornography. Nicolas Emory did consent to a polygraph test. The test took place with Sgt. Nicholson on July 22, 2016 at the Ct State Polygraph Unit in Meriden. The test did show that there was deception used on the part of Nicolas Emory. In a post test interview, Emory stated that he had viewed 50 images of child porn from 2014-2016. He also gave descriptions of the images as well as stating that he viewed 3 videos as well. 6 days later, Emory submitted to a 2nd polygraph test with Det. Karen O’Connor. He admitted to using search terms such as “Teens.” He said that he became nosy and also looked on his brother James’ laptop out of curiosity. Emory stated that there were several images on that laptop. Nicolas Emory did also state that he did get aroused by the images and that he saved them on a flash drive for viewing at a later time. James Emory’s laptop was also seized as a result of this where 549 images of suspected child porn was discovered. A forensic program called “Internet Evidence Finder” was used and search terms that would seemingly find child porn was used and documented. James Emory was arrested on February 6, 2017 and being held on $100,000 bond on charges of 1st Degree Illegal Possession of Child Pornography. He is also being held on 3 counts of risk of injury to a minor. James Emory will be back in Danielson Superior Court on March 10th.

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