400 or More at Gun Ordinance Town Meeting? Not Quite

This article was published on: 01/30/20 10:30 PM by Mike Minarsky

Lots of excitement circling around the latest town meeting that was held on Tuesday.  The meeting was to start at town hall, but due to the number of people that came to the meeting it had to be moved to Griswold Middle School to accommodate the capacity.  Once it was determined that there were too many people for a town meeting at town hall, the Selectmen had to open the meeting, make the announcement that the meeting was going to reconvene at the school.  Lisa Wood, Executive Assistant to the First Selectman stated that per the town attorney, the meeting still had to be opened at town hall because that was the date and time that was posted and couldn’t be changed.

The meeting is now at GMS.  A mass exodus of drivers then start to head to the school.

The auditorium started to fill, but it didn’t fill to capacity.  Lot of social media postings started to fly stating that there were 400 or maybe even 500 people at the meeting.

Not possible

As stated before, the auditorium was not filled to capacity.  According to the registrar of voters in Griswold, The lower theater portion seats 296.  The balcony seats 121.  Filled to capacity would be 417 people.  Did it look and sound like 400-500?  Sure did.  Was it full? No.

According to the registrars office also is that 3.5% of registered voters showed up for this town meeting which is very close in comparison to a budget vote.


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