Plainfield Board of Finance Discusses Protective Vests for Officers

This article was published on: 08/21/16 10:05 PM by Mike Minarsky


Last week at Plainfield’s Board of Finance regular meeting, it was discussed whether or not the town would appropriate $10,000 for new protective vests for it’s police department.  Board of Finance chairwoman Vickie Meyer asked Plainfield Chief of Police about the current vests and was curious why he hadn’t come forward sooner since the current equipment had expired in 2012.  Chief Surprenant stated that he wasn’t aware that the vests had expired until he was investigating the purchase of new ones.  Surprenant stated that it wasn’t his responsibility to know when they expire and that it was up to the officers.  The chief went on to say that the submitted budget didn’t include the purchase of new vests since he was not aware of the expiration and when he did find out, he went to the Board of Selectmen and now to the Board of Finance.  12 out of 16 officers currently have expired vests.  It was then asked about the usage of the vests and Chief Surprenant responded that it would have to be listed in the union contract.  The officers are not mandated to wear them, however are available if they get into a violent situation.

The Chief also stated that along with a $4600 grant, some of the Police operating funds, and the $10,000 appropriation from the Town the department would be able to purchase 14 body vests and 11 heavy duty vests.  The Chief also discussed that a memo would be created for the officers to communicate with the administration about when the their vests were about to expire.

Board member Wayne Irons motioned to appropriate the funds, Second was made by Cindy Chester. Motion carried


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