2019 Christmas Wish Needs Nominations and Support

This article was published on: 11/2/19 6:04 PM by Mike Minarsky

Christmas Wish is a gift giving program that was created to help children and families in extraordinary circumstances.  It is not a program for people that are a little down on their luck. It’s not a program for people that are a couple months late on the electric bill.  This is a program designed to help people get through a part of the year that may be rather difficult due to a tragic/serious loss.  Children that have been injured or even worse, lost family members.  Put it this way, when children are asking for socks and underwear for Christmas, you know there is a need.  Last year we assisted a high school senior that was living with his grandfather that had recently passed.  He said he needed pots and pans.  POTS AND PANS.  We made sure he got them!  We find out what the individual wants and needs, and based on funds availability, directly affects how many people we can assist.  We don’t have a set spending limit for any situation which means that we may spend more on one family than we do than another.  In 2018, we gave a “Nintendo Switch” game system because that is what he wanted and with the severity of the situation, we not only got it for him, we had it delivered by Batman himself.

2019 is no different.  In order for this program to be successful, we need YOU to nominate kids and families to our board.  You can do so, STARTING ON NOVEMBER 6, 2019 by emailing your nomination to CHRISTMAS@SNSNONLINE.COM.   You cannot nominate yourself and all decisions of CHRISTMAS WISH are final.  The submission of a nomination does NOT guarantee benefits from the program.  Please send YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION within your email, not the people you are nominating.  Someone from Christmas Wish will be contacting you, not them directly.

Funding is crucial to this program.  The more we can collect from donations, the more we can help.  It’s really that simple.  If you would like to give to Christmas Wish, please follow the link below.




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