$187,000 Lost and Then Returned

This article was published on: 07/7/16 12:57 AM by Curt

Capture Raymond MacCausland, a 72-year-old taxi driver, who has drove his taxi in Boston for 50 years, returned $187,000 in cash left in the backseat of his taxicab.

MacCausland picked up a fare, and after traveling about 1 mile, the fare asked the driver to stop at a motel and wait for him, saying he would be right back. After waiting more than 30 minutes, the driver entered the motel searching for his fare and no one had seen him. The driver returned to his taxi and found a backpack in the backseat. When looking for identification inside, he discovered the large sum of cash. MacCausland turned the money into the Boston Police Department, who were able to contact the motel and find the man, verifying that the money was his. The money belonged to a homeless man who had just cashed his inheritance.

MacCausland told police that returning something that isn’t his is the way brought up. He was told to always do the right thing.

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